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Cataracts Surgery in New Castle

When your vision is blurry and cloudy due to the effects of cataracts, it disrupts your life and gets in the way of everything from work to leisure. Even if you are wearing special eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct the sub-par vision that cataracts is responsible for, you may have grown weary of having to rely on them. With surgery here at Kalin Eye Associates, you are able to restore your independence. So turn to our New Castle eye surgeon to find out if you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

Cataracts are deposits of protein that form on the outside of your natural eye lenses. Over time, they grow in size and increase in quantity, so that there is a tendency for your vision to become worse as the disease progresses. If only there were a way to rid your eyes of those protein deposits, cataracts could be cured. But you cannot separate one from the other. What can be done, though, is for our New Castle eye surgeon to remove your eye lenses entirely. Doing so means that you no longer have anything standing in the way of your vision. But your lenses do serve a purpose and with them gone, you will need a stand-in for them. The solution is to get intraocular lens implants, or what are usually called IOLs. This procedure has been around for a while now, but our New Castle eye surgeon takes it to the next level with a state-of-the-art method called photoemulsification. Doing this means that only a tiny incision is made. It’s so tiny, in fact, that no stitches are required. It’s seals itself.

Don’t let cataracts hinder you from doing all you want to. Please reach out to our office and let us arrange a convenient time for you to come in for a consultation and examination. Surgery might be ideal for you.

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