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New Castle Eye Shop

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Eye care products in New Castle

Here at Kalin Eye Associates, you are sure to find all of the eye care products you need and want to look your best and see your best, and to do so while experiencing optimal comfort. We have an impressive inventory of contact lenses, along with the lenses and frames necessary to make up complete pairs of eyeglasses.

Our New Castle eye shop is dedicated to keeping you enjoying the best vision that you’re capable of achieving. Doing so requires your help, by coming in for a yearly eye examination at our office. Let our ophthalmologist conduct the tests that will succeed in determining the ideal prescription for you. These include having you read from an eye chart, and testing your eyes using lenses of various strength. After all, there may be more than one set of lenses that will correct your vision, but only one that gives you maximum improvement. That’s the one our New Castle eye shop wants for you. If your choice is to go with eyeglasses, our optical department will put your prescription into the appropriate lenses, which may be monofocal, single vision, or multifocal, depending on your vision needs. Then you can decide on which of our frames you want to house those lenses. We have everything from budget priced options to higher end designer selections. For contacts, we have an array of possibilities, and the ones you get will reflect your lifestyle and your preferences, in terms of maintenance and how long you want to be able to keep them in. The best news of all is that there has never been a better time to wear contact lenses. They offer greater comfort and sharper vision with more clarity than the ones of the past did.

All you need do is reach out to our New Castle eye shop and schedule a visit for your eye examination.

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