Glaucoma Treatment in New Castle

Glaucoma Treatment in New Castle

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Glaucoma Eye Care in New Castle

Screening for glaucoma should be a yearly ritual, because this eye disease can cause vision loss, including blindness, as well as severe and possibly irreparable damage to your optic nerve. And because symptoms do not appear until the later stages, you’re taking a big chance, and and unnecessary one, if you don’t visit us at Kalin Eye Associates annually.

The symptoms of glaucoma include loss of vision, eye pain, tunnel vision, blurry vision, and nausea and vomiting, particularly when they are accompanied by one or more other signs. If you do experience any, it means that you need our glaucoma treatment in New Castle at the earliest possible opportunity, since indications are associated with advanced glaucoma. The origins of the condition are found in an imbalance in eye fluid, from what is created to what is drained. Too much fluid buildup causes the pressure inside your eyes to increase. And that is dangerous. Both eyes are usually affected simultaneously, but it’s possible for one eye to have it worse than the other. Although it normally progresses at a slow but steady rate, that could change if you have an eye injury, chemical contamination, inflammation, or infection, all of which can speed up the progression and lead to needing our glaucoma treatment in New Castle more imminently. First, though, you will need to be diagnosed. Our eye doctor performs a thorough examination, including tonometry, a test to measure your internal eye pressure. A photo of your optic nerve may also be required. Treatment options depend on whether any harm has occurred to your optic nerve. Absent that, the focus of our glaucoma eye care is on correcting the fluid imbalance.

Please schedule an appointment with our office to come in for a screening. You may benefit from our glaucoma treatment in New Castle, such as special eye drops, laser treatments, or microsurgery.

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