Eye surgery in New Castle

Eye Surgery in New Castle

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Today there are many different types of vision problems which can be corrected with eye surgery. If you are suffering with any type of vision problem, we urge you to see us at Kalin Eye Associates where you will be able to be seen by one of our top ophthalmologists, including Dr. Neil S. Kalin, and have eye surgery in New Castle DE if it is determined to be necessary.

When you need to have eye surgery in New Castle DE, you will not be able to find an ophthalmologist who can provide you with better care than the ophthalmologists at our vision practice. One of the most common reasons patients need to have eye surgery is that they are diagnosed with cataracts. When a patient has a cataract, the natural lens of their eye has started to become clouded. It is impossible to determine exactly how far a cataract will develop, however, most cataracts will go on to cause blindness. In the early stages of cataracts, patients can be treated by receiving a new lens prescription for glasses. However, eventually most patients will need to have cataract surgery. Laser cataract surgery is considered to be one of the safest and most effective eye surgeries performed today. During laser cataract surgery, a tiny incision is made in the eye through which the damaged natural lens is removed, and a permanent manmade lens is inserted into the eye. A second common surgery performed by our doctors is glaucoma laser surgery. When a patient has narrow-angle glaucoma they may benefit from a laser peripheral iridotomy. During the surgery a small opening is made in the eye to allow fluid to drain from the eye. For patients with open-angle glaucoma, selective laser trabeculoplasty surgery can decrease or eliminate the need for eye drops. This is an in-office procedure that has a success rate of about 80%. This procedure is considered to be very safe and uses laser energy to gently drain the eye.

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